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Easy table rate shipping for WooCommerce plugin Nulled is the most easy and feature-rich shipping plugin for WooCommerce stores allowing you to calculate shipping costs based on total price or weight.

There are many table rate shipping plugins GPL out there but none of them is as easy as this plugin. We do not like to scare user with tons of settings and options. We have implemented a very clean and easily-understandable setting panel where a user can easily calculate shipping cost.

Advanced Shipping Options

The table rate shipping module extends WooCommerce Free Download default shipping options giving you highly customizable shipping options.

Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce Free Download

Define multiple shipping rates based on location, price, weight, or item count. Wildcards may be used to match multiple regions too.

  • Add multiple tables of rates per shipping zone
  • Several types of table rate calculation: Per order, Calculated per item, Calculated per line, Calculated per class
  • Add rules based on Weight, Number of items, Number of items by class and Price
  • Add costs per row, per item cost, a percentage and per weight unit

Demo :

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